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e suit, and you say that the table was cov▓ered with books on divorce, and she▓ had been there to consult him, ●as is evidenced by her handkerchi●ef.If there was anything irregular about that● divorce and he knew about it, and threatened to▓ use that knowledge-- It is not▓ impossible to believe that Fullerton might r▓esort to blackmail on occasion.He was very har▓d up and Mrs.Broughton is a very wealthy woman●,--so long as her marriage is not impugned.A▓nd

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mber Lawrence's testimony that he h▓ad the cane in the library a few days b▓efore, and that, owing to an e

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discus●sion with Fullerton, he did not remembe▓r whether he took it away with him ●or wh

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